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Originally Posted by xtac View Post
So I took the car out during slight traffic, rain and darkness. Not too bad till I hit the a busy drive thru. I stalled like 10x. I didn't think of any other way than keep putting it in neutral than once I got enough room in front of me to not the damn car I put it into first and go. Problem was I kept releasing the clutch to fast because i had to brake so I would not hit the other car. At one point I even rolled back a bit.

How does everyone else do a busy drive thru?
You need a coach ASAP! Always release the clutch slowly for first gear. To practice this get to a parking lot which is flat. Put in 1st gear, and let clutch out very slowly, you don't even need to use throttle, the car will move and will not stall. Once you get this down a few times, then next doing the same thing (letting clutch out slowly), squeeze ever so gently on the throttle...and there you go.

letting out the clutch fast is only good for upper gears or when you are in full acceleration mode and not in traffic. In traffic, always gently clutch out AND throttle in gently.
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