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Originally Posted by teege View Post
the L4SE is not the same spec as the L4 and isn't matched well with the L1V2. for the L4SE, the L1 Pro is best.

the L1V2 and L1 Pro do not fit properly and require fabrication to install with the L1 Pro requiring more work to get in there because it is bigger. the Morel MT-220 (which replaced the MT-22) does fit properly without modification and compliments the L4SE.

credit goes to VP Electricity for this info.
After looking at the specs of the L1V2, and reading some user experiences over at DIYMA, it seems that tweeter should be crossed over above 4 kHz. At that frequency, the L4SE carbon's frequency cone probably does not cover the roughly 60 degree off-axis installation in the driver's door, so there is the potential for a frequency hole between the mid and the tweeter. The only way to fix that is to use a tweeter with a lower resonance frequency, so it can be crossed lower. I think the Morel would be a great choice, but there are many others to consider as well.
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