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Originally Posted by burningchicken View Post
Picked up my first bike today! Its an 04 sv650s. There's some minor things wrong with it (seat, scratches, etc) but I got a great deal on it. And don't worry, that's not my helmet on the bike, I know better than that
First thing I need to do is change the front tire. Almost bald :/
Def one of my favorite recommendations for a starter bike. Twin 650 has even constant power all over and the bike as a whole is pretty forgiving.

I myself started on a ninja 650r. Dont ever believe anyone that says anything about that bike being "slow" cause it isn't remotely slow. That front end will still get light on you and you can get into just as much trouble as a I4 600cc. However like I said, it tends to be a bit more friendly with the more predictable power delivery.

And get on those tires ASAP. Dont just replace the front, dont know whats on there now, but use this as an opportunity to put some good quality rubber on there. Im a fan of Dunlop Q2s myself, but people like the Michelin Pilot Power 2ct's just as much.

My first year of going to the track I was running Q2's still. Sidewall to sidewall scrubbed in, warm up fast, and for a DOT Street tire...they stick like glue!

EDIT: Also, aside from tires, your FIRST mod should be stainless steel brakelines + some quality brake fluid.