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Thanks for all of your feedback. I will try to respond to eveybody response here.
1) I am moving to Canada as a part of Job Relocation and would be there for year or two. So no more second thoughts. I am not a PR or Citizen yet.
2) In Taxes there is no State Income Tax, that's the best part of being in TX. The only annoying thing is i will see more deep tax cuts in my salary and day to day expenses. Hopefully i can save some taxes by shopping online like i do here in USA.
3) I lived in NY and PA area before, so i am used to snow and all but not the snow in Canada. I had one bad experience going up hill mere 20 degrees with my stock RFT.
4) I am totally against Gun culture as well. Its more like a menace similar to cancer.
5) I will keep in mind that i don't go over 30 Miles/H 50 Km/h in snow.
6) Car comes with Professional Radio with BT, so i will have hands free.
7) Still did not decide on any location. Might need some suggestions from the fellow brothers here.

Coming to my actual concerns about car

1) What would be the total cost to put on winter tires? With tires and installation etc.
2) Are there a lot shops where they have reasonable labor charges? or Indi shops or BMW enthusiasts who can get some maintenance work
3) So far i got my
a) Wheels replaced and Got brand new DWS tires, pending ALignment. b) WIll get my Annual Oil changed this week. My last oil change was done 1 year ago with 10K miles.
c) Going to perform Brake Fluid Flush.
d) I was told i have over 10000 miles life on my Bake pads, so might not get them replaced now, will take care of them when i am in Canada.
e) I have no leaks of any kind so i guess i am good there

4) Any other checks that i need to get done