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exactly right Rich, whatever is saved on the handset, is made back through the tariff Im sure.

ive been with orange near on 15 years (used to work for them infact) and as such they have thrown me a few deals over the years, i get 400mins, and god knows how many texts, for 12/month.
i never use all the minutes, i never the use all the texts.
so to pay out 400-500 quid for something I dont really use that much, just doesnt make sense.

only other thing I do find useful is a camera, for videoing the golf swing up the range. handy, but not essential. ha ha

so bit disappointed that they havent choosen to incentivise me. but loyalty in the mobile phone market is probably long gone, and im not exactly a big spender either in the grand scheme of things.

plus, I just wanted something small in my pocket (cue jokes) not a mini laptop with a camera and tea making facilities (i have both of those seperately already).