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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Wow, out of all the comments I have disagreed with you about(which has been many), this one is the most glaring.

You really think we are not attracting the best and brightest in the medical field? that is funny...wouldnt the elites and wealthy not be affected by the cost of the education as daddy would pay for it(which does happen in a small % of medical students)???...3/4 of medical students are poor to middle class and work their butt off to get in...their GPA, MCAT scores are better than 90-95% of others...for certain residency prog's(after completing med school) there are 200 applicants for 1 residency dont think these are the cream of the crop???...even if your father was a well known physician, you are not getting in unless your GPA and MCAT warrants if you are in a gray area, having connections will prob get you in.

BTW, the so called "poor" make up the majority of med students right now...when the cost of tuition is 30-40K, 90% of applicants are too poor to afford this hence they need many types of loans to make it through med school...and when you finally get your MD degree and you are doing residency, they will pay you a whopping 40-45K now, real good money for somebody with a doctorate degree...

i think med school doesnt need to attract the more "common" or "poor" folks any more than they do now. why? because there are other ways that med school CAN or COULD BE paid for, but people just dont choose to go down that road.

1. enroll in armed forces. which pays you, then covers your education. and skips your RA.

2. just be damn smart.

to me most of the "people" in med school right now is from either dry cleaner operating asian family... or gas station operating indian/arabic family back ground with low to mid class income trying to absorb a figure they really cannot afford to. so yes, for those there will always be a glass ceiling that must be broken at least once. its that one time that people cant over come. and who is to say no to that? no one, but that also doesn't mean the institution has to bend down to where they are... just because the "most".

if they were truely smart... they would take the option #1... but whos talking since most of them are liberal immigrants who moved just to avoid their own problems and careless about paying their dues to where they live now and always want free this free that.... well least the asians are.

and im sure someone will say something so ill say it first, yes im an immigrant too. hint would be my name.

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