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The public option is a system where everyone who joins the system has to pay what they can afford. It is the natural and predictable response to under/unemployment, stagnant wages, and the increase of minimum wage jobs for adults we've seen over the last 4 decades. If we do not have another solution other than the current Private insurance system, the ONLY other solution that actually addresses the lack of healthcare for tens of millions of people is to massively increase wages and employment.

Again, if there is another solution, then great. Otherwise, just complaining about the solution on the table isn't a responsible answer.

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1.) Couldn't agree with your principle more. It's horrible that a first-world nation has a system in which millions of people can't afford healthcare. I still don't think health care is a right, so everyone who can do so, has to pay. But it's terrible that we have so many underprivileged without the means to pay for their healthcare. On top of that, these people are the ones straining our system, overflowing our emergency departments, and spurring the rising costs.
The Singapore plan sounds like it would be great for any country like Singapore that has a 2% unemployment rate. I'm open to any changes that get rid of our current health INSURANCE system that maintains our current health care PROVIDER system. We could institute the German INSURANCE system fairly easily (combined with a public option) without destroying our current health care PROVIDER system. I won't say it would be impossible to implement the Singapore plan, but what you posted makes it sound like it would require replacing our Provider system too.

PS -- yes, the provision basing public option payouts on best Private pricing was in the Obama proposal. With that in place, would you drop your opposition to the public option?