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Originally Posted by Onurleft View Post
What good options. Remember you'll loose a lot of feel with a CL65. IMO it's not really the same type of car as an M6 or GTR.

Have you considered the new 991?

On the other side, Gintani released some specs for their S/C kit for the M5/6. Made 603whp in intercooled form

I agree two different types of cars, but I mean night vision camera for one, massaging seats for back and front people, lots of leg room, 600hp+ 700+ torque out the box and a twin turbo v12 that sounds incredible.
Sound and amenities have always been important, the "skyline" as it deserves to be called is an exotic killer it's just a harsh ride over the city of N.O nice navigation just doesn't have half as many comfort amenities as the cl65 I'm just comparing an apple to an orange I know but at the end of the day that's what people do just compare cars lol. I am not taking anything away from a gtr at ALL it deserves respect for what it has accomplished I just wish Nissan would do more on its amenities and make it comfortable. It's still not out of my mind though as I may just be like "f**k it" and buy it though. I read some where some one has one here. I have a million questions for that person.