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Audio system power cycles periodically when car is off?

I've been spending a lot of time lately just sitting in the car debugging issues with my GROM MST3. As a side effect, I've noticed that my audio system power cycles periodically after the car's been turned off. By this I mean you can hear the CD player spinning up, but the display itself remains turned off. I've also been able to time this using the activity light on my USB flash drive that's connected to the MST3 (otherwise I can only time when the system turns on using audible cues from the CD player). I've only mapped the first 20 minutes after the key is removed from the car:

0 min - audio subsystem remains powered (screen is off)
1 min - off
2 mins - on
3 mins - off
8 mins - on
9 mins - off

Has anyone noticed this? If not, try it. You should hear your CD player spinning up (if you have a CD in it) after 2 minutes.

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