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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
Update: PUMP GAS (91oct) NO METH:

Dyno @

Happy to say that we were the first to break 300, 400, 500, 600 and now 700whp with the N54

Captain Insano's Vishnu/FFTEC 6466 single turbo 335i
100oct+pwm meth
4th gear
STD corrected
No Smoothing (set to 0)

Full torque by 4300rpm! And a nice linear 700whp @ only 26psi, which suggests that there is plenty left in this 6466 turbo (should support over 850 WHP). The Capt has been running this car at Laguna Seca for the last year (albeit with 50whp less)

Uncorrected/Actual: 708whp 606wtq

Still some fine tuning to do with the WGDC table (it is currently based on the smaller 6262 turbo which isn't ideal but good enough for this initial testing). The 6466 spools just as quickly as the smaller 6262 but packs a serious punch and absurdly fast spool. Hope to run some 60-130s with it this weekend. And I hope to see 5.x seconds.

Both STD and Uncorrected/Actual results attached below:
Here's a fun fact I stumbled across tonight. Wikipedia defines 'powerband' as

"Specifically, power band is defined by the range from peak torque to peak horsepower (or sometimes to redline)."


By their definition I'd like to point out that the width of your powerband is approx 2900 rpm wide. Peak torque at 4300rpm, peak HP nearly at redline 7200rpm.
Very nice.