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Regen every day?

So yesterday I went for a longish drive (~2.5 hours total, in 3 trips with 5-20 minute stops in between) and when I got home, I went back out to the car a few minutes later and the fan was running. No big deal, it's just doing its regen cycle.

This morning, I make the short drive to work (this is the very next time the car has been started), and when I get there and shut the car off, the fan is still running.

Both yesterday and today I've had to drive in manual mode because the tranny wants to hold on to a gear until 3k under normal, moderate acceleration. I assume this is because it wants more heat. This could also explain why my fuel economy has been in the toilet the past few tanks (25-26mpg average, down from 29-30). Anybody else experience regeneration on consecutive days?

Car is stock except for the JBD at 100%, which has only thrown a code once when I nailed it on a cold engine about 2 months ago.