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Originally Posted by Mark M View Post
Perhaps I am a bit of a noob...but why would anyone want to run a tune when these engines already have a predisposition for carbon / soot build up?

The tune only accelerates the level of soot that will build up right?

Seems like the loss from a tune is greater than the gain. Sure you gain a few ponies..but you are in the dealer much more for service.

Unless you are the type running the tune while under warranty and will dump the car prior to 50k miles and pass on your sooty problem car to someone like me looking for a nice used one.

A car with a tune probably won't have more carbon/soot than a D driven by a "normal" driver because the car with the tune will likely experience a lot more WOT time and burn off much of that carbon/soot. But of course that's still worse than stock D driven very hard.

When I test drove my D, both rear tires were bald. The dealer installed new tires as part of the deal. I knew I would drive the car at least as hard as the guy who previously owned it so it didn't bother me. The car obviously logged a lot of WOT time so carbon hopefully wouldn't be an issue and hasn't been so far.