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Originally Posted by jpsum View Post
Banned in public places??? Why? because they feel threaten by people who cover their faces? OK. But what about ski mask or any kind of mask? Are they banned too? What about scarfs? You can call me metro-sexual, but I do like to wear a scarf on a sub-zero day. Wait, what about Halloween? No more going out with my power ranger mask? Thank god I'm not in France.

You're being slightly melodramatic, jpsum.

People aren't going to like it, but France has a problem with radical (mostly Arab) Muslims. The Arab street won't protest it, meanwhile threats start to grow of internal domination. Of course, France also created this problem with years of colonialism and state-sponsored racist policies.

Covering your face is a matter of security. If you were walking around all day in a public place with a ski mask on, you'll probably be stopped.

The issue with the burqa is a national security matter -- it's easy to smuggle items inside, has been used for years as a means of terrorists hiding or eluding authorities (in many cases for good reason) -- but identity is the main tenant. Look at other European countries which have banned covering the full face in public.

To be fair, France should have banned the full covering of faces in a public setting -- rather than explicitly calling it a "burqa ban" -- probably catering to their right-wing brethren and to the French citizens (there are many) who simply don't want Islam to dominate.

In any case, I'm not a fan of any religion but at the moment, Islam isn't casting itself in the best of lights... many reasons to this, but the end perception remains the same.
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