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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
Well about time the French did something correct. They banned the full burqa, the one where the women look like ninjas, in France today and I think it's great. I'm sure the women wouldn't mind...Thoughts?
What I find funny is the way things are reported these days. The issue to consider here is: Is France discriminating against women who wear the veil?. People are being so quick to make this about something else, namely possible exploitation of women being forced to wear the veil.

The reason I find it so annoying is because we should be looking at the actions of France to decide whether or not they are discriminating. The issue of people being forced to wear the veil (while serious) is a totally separate issue. I love how the media are changing the subject.

Also, what you DON'T hear about is the women who do want to wear the veil. Personally, I don't believe it to be a requirement of Islam but I think people should be allowed to wear it if they want to. I've spoken to women from different places in the world who want to wear it as a personal choice.

I find it so funny that the media always tries to paint Islam in a bad light and create an assumption that women must be being oppressed. I remember a case over here (ongoing) in which a woman was not allowed to wear a cross necklace to work and at every court level it was found that it was not discriminatory behaviour by her employer (British Airways), yet the newspapers and politicians were quick to put pressure on BA to change their policy (which they did even though it was perfectly legal to ban ALL jewellery). In that case people started crying about human rights etc. yet in this situation people are forgetting all that and are trying to look at how women may be being oppressed and NOT looking at the real issue.

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