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Originally Posted by yeaJBL View Post
Finally. I don't think people understand that France is not a Muslim state in the Middle East.

When you immigrate to another country, you assimilate out of respect for the new country that is providing for you, rather than fight it. It is unbelievable that people will go to another country and wave the flag of their homeland in their newfound home, and no one can say anything because it's "racist".

European countries are not the USA. Each country has their own heritage, type of people, and culture. Butting in and covering your face is blatantly going against the culture that you reside WITH.

I have absolutely no problem with solidarity among all members of our human family. But when people knowingly disregard the culture and the way of life in the place that they chose to live in, it grinds my gears.

If you don't like the way of life in the country you immigrated to...GO BACK.
So by your logic, Jewish people shouldn't be allowed to wear yarmulkes in France either since it's "waving the flag of their homeland" and not assimilating into the French culture?

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