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Originally Posted by sheepboy View Post
I don't think we need to disrespect one to praise the other. To say Senna is not a true hero is to say "I know nothing about Senna". Try saying that in Brazil and see what kind of reactions you get...

As I said before, Senna was a great man who happened to be a great driver. His work, influence and achievements outside the race tracks were no less impressive than his superhuman driving skills. And boy, could he drive! I was watching the race live on TV when he crashed and my crying eyes were glued to the TV for the rest of the day. For me and millions os people in my home country, it felt like the country had lost its soul.

JFK is part of America's history and he did change the course of history. I think he deserves the same respect Brazilians give to Senna. If there are more visitors to Senna's grave than to JFK's, it probably only means that Brazil is the largest catholic country in the world and, for catholics, it is important to pay respects to the deceased at their grave yard. I have been to Arlington National Cemetery and payed my respects to JFK. I have never been to Senna's grave in Sao Paulo... Does this have any special meaning? Of course not.
Sorry, but your logic does nothing for me. Yes, Senna was a great driver, a kind person and he had a generous heart, but that doesnt make him a hero to me.

I could make the analogy that more people go to Disneyland every year then Senna's grave. How does that sound, To compare your "hero" to a meaningless place of commercialism? Same deal for me. It's fucking pathetic to compare in any manor, a person who got paid millions of dollars to drive a car, to a man who lead the free world, fought communism, and fended off a nuclear holocaust.

BTW, I'm a Senna fan, and I named my dog Senna

Originally Posted by kmarei
Any stupidity inferred is purely on your part
I never compared their achievements
I simply stated more people go to his resting place than the other 3 combined
That's a statement of fact
Read above. I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you