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Originally Posted by sheepboy View Post
My apologies if I sounded like comparing JFK to Senna. I tried to make the point that they were both outstanding individuals...

Senna may not be a hero to you, but he is to more than 190.000.000 Brazilians. I am into respecting cultural differences so I will refrain from making any negative comments on the way some Americans view the world beyond their borders.
let's just agree to disagree. it's a great movie either way.

Originally Posted by Eau Rouge
Provincialism is strong in this thread.

If you think for a minute that Senna didn't change the world, you're mistaken. He blew past the earthling label of "hero" to ascend to demi-god status among millions if not billions; especially so where the Japanese and Brazilians are concerned. JFK never enjoyed such respect and adulation from about the globe. However, try this on for size: IF there had been a Twitter network in the early 90's, I cannot imagine anyone in sports, politics or entertainment of that era being able to pull in a greater following than the man who you say "was just a great racing driver."
so did magic johnson change the world because he donated money to promoted aids research? people put sports stars on too much of a pedestal period. just because a country full of brazilians love him, doesnt change that in my book.

Originally Posted by kmarei
US-centric thinking at it's worst. You know, if I had sat down to write the worst possible reply to my post, to prove my point, I couldnt have done a better job than this
i could care less what you think. you're not speaking russian, or german because of usa. damn right i'm proud of that. we lead the free world, the end.