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Question UR Downpipe Worries!!!

Well I'm not exactly a god of knowledge so I come to E-90 for ome advice. Yesterday I ordered Catless Downpipes from Utimate-Racing and full exhaust. Now I'm worried that I will receive a code to Check Engine. The tech who answered the phone at UR told me it might throw a code but he said that his shop car has not thrown a code during the whole 600 or so miles of testing and doubts that my car will throw a code.

Now the tricky part. I called a local shop that specializes in German cars, especially BMW and a tech told me the car will definitely throw a code. He said to make sure something about the O2 sensors was correct pre-cat and post-cat. I understand there are 2 or 3 O2 sensors on the exhaust, but I am not sure if eliminating these will throw a code or not?

So the questions are: will this exhaust and downpipe combo throw a code? and, if so, will the car not make the correct air/fuel ratio? and also, will this actually make me lose some performance with the car not being able to determine any information from the O2 sensors?

I gladly accept all oppinions, thanks in advance for them.
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