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iPhone 5/iOS6 - activate Siri over bluetooth?

Hi there

I have bluetooth in my car (no idrive) and works great for calls. I use a blackberry stereo gateway for streaming my music in the car.

Just got an iphone 5 recently and as it has Siri I wondered whether if anybody knows how you can activate/make it work with the bluetooth in the car? I've tried pressing the home on the phone when Siri comes up nothing happens with the bluetooth in the car. I googled around and other users have said pressing the home button does call up Siri over bluetooth. Could it be something that's changed in iOS6 that stops it working like this now??

I'd like to be able to use Siri over bluetooth to do simple stuff like read my messages and send messages or call people. Ideally pressing the home button on the phone or the phone button on the steering wheel to mute any music playing and activate Siri ready to accept a command.

Any ideas???