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Originally Posted by jwbmw View Post
I agree with NFS in that it does not seem to be a bad price but you have to be certain on specification, planning permission, building regulation approvals, payment terms, contract type and warranties for poor workmanship.

What is of an additional concern to me is that it sounds like the company are new to the house extension game and can not demonstrate previous work. This would be fine if they could prove that they have experienced / competent staff but otherwise you could be landed with paying for their learning curve if things go horribly wrong.

Having the builders in is stressful at the best of times and (assuming you are married and male) wives in particular hate the dirt and invasion of privacy. Therefore, I would always recommend paying a bit extra for a contractor who has proven experience and can be recommended by an existing customer. That way the job is likely to get done quickly and efficiently.
This is good advice. Cost isn't the key factor.

What you really want to know is that they will turn up, diligently complete the job to a workmanlike standard and not bugger off before it's finished.

That's worth paying extra for - if you can find it.

As to the contractors ability ... in the end this is pretty much a conservatory with a tiled roof. It's not rocket science and they should be able to do it. I'd just want to see some very positive recommendations from previous customers with 'complex' conservatory installs.