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backup camera woes continue

back at it yet again, its getting old tearing apart the dash, trunk, and now the trim from front to back. AVIN's instructions are worthless They have 4 documents on the rear view camera wiring all different, if you include the relay document.

I ripped out the wireless camera and installed the wired and the EXACT same behavior. The camera immedietly switches on and screen changes to backup view when put in reverse. I move to drive and it continues on the rear camera. I put in park it continues on the rear camera. After 15 seconds it finally returns to the normal screen. Definietly not immedietly.

I could go unsolder and redo the trunk side again this time with no relay and getting power off the red pigtail on the RCA but if this happens yet again I'm

Automatic e90 w/ AVIN 10.25 w/Snapdragon. For those who say your camera immedietly switches are you using a relay off the reverse lights or just depending on the power off the RCA pigtail?

AVIN support told me this is expected behavior on the wireless camera but the fact its doing it on the wired camera I'm thinking this has to be a software / setting problem. I have it set to Aftermarket camera and haven't touched anything else.
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