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Help me diagnose a possible caster angle issue

Ever since I got my car I've had a slight pull to the right, tramlining, bump steer and wheel shake between 40-50mph, smooths out after that. Passenger front side tires had inner wear, similar to negative toe wear. I check tire pressure, balance, torqued lug nuts to spec, measured camber and toe, brake wear is even, all seems fine. My worry is that the caster angle may be off since the previous owner did indicate the car has been in an accident on the front passenger side. My question is, would bad caster angle on one side cause above symptoms? Or is it more inline with worn parts?

Under the hood, I noticed strut mount had the pin missing on both sides and was adjusted, more so on the passenger side than the driver side, possibly after the accident. But again, camber looks fine on both sides. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.
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