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I guess the first thing is, yes, caster could be causing the issue you're seeing. But it could also be a bunch of other things. My first guess is that you might have a bent strut if the camber at the wheel looks the same on each side but the bolts are set in a different orientation at the strut top.

Take the car to an alignment shop and have it checked. In particular, check the "included angle". It should be the same on each side. Its basically the angle between the strut and the wheel mounting face. If its off, it will indicate that your strut is bent.

You will also be able to see caster in that measurement as well, and if the caster is dramatically off from side to side, it could be a strut bent in the fore-aft direction, or the tension arms being bent or worn. The tension arm controls the fore-aft location of the wheel, so if this part is bent/worn then the caster angle will be out of spec.

Lastly, toe is another common culprit, though inner tire wear is generally an indication of toe out and you'd see it on both sides and the car would wander, rather than pulling.
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