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Originally Posted by rothwem View Post
You will also be able to see caster in that measurement as well, and if the caster is dramatically off from side to side, it could be a strut bent in the fore-aft direction, or the tension arms being bent or worn. The tension arm controls the fore-aft location of the wheel, so if this part is bent/worn then the caster angle will be out of spec.
Not to hijack this thread, but I too have mismatched caster on left and right wheels. I learned this when I had my car aligned after installing new tension arms and new struts. The alignment shop told me it was slightly off and 'might' cause the car to pull to the right on perfectly level roads, however it tracks perfectly straight and I haven't noticed any pulling or wandering.

With regard to the topic of this specific thread, I'm wondering after installing new tension arms and struts, what could be bent causing the offset caster? is it the subframe itself, or subframe mounting points for the tension arms?

Or could it be the lower control arm (wishbone?) The lower rearward control arms (wishbones) on my car look to be identical and original to my car, and I haven't replaced those yet. I can't see any obvious distortion but it's hard to compare without removing and putting them side by side. The knuckle also looks fine.
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