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Originally Posted by Gripster View Post
Wow! And I thought that my ED (LINK) was fun! I just lived vicariously through you for the past half-hour. Great stuff, great trip.

Actually, for anyone considering it, this is a great overview of the potential fun you can have. I hear of people trying to do ED to save a few bucks. That is not what it is about. The OP has the right idea - it is to provide a trip of a lifetime!
Im glad you liked it so much and thank you for the compliments. I checked out your ED experience too and it looks like you saw a lot of nice things and had a great time. We went about our trips in a completely different way but one thing remained the same; like you said its meant to be a trip of a lifetime and we both did our ED's with that in mind. I feel bad for people who do it to save a few bucks and hope that one day they do it for the reasons we did.