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Originally Posted by DESI4life10 View Post
Congrats bro...Ride looks sick.

Raising the rear a bit will be fine. It will settle a little more anyways.

also the adjustment wrench is different in the rear and fron. One of them is bigger i believe.
cool tks, I may just do that! I think the v3 or v2 have 2 different wrenches. I called RMP about the missing wrench and they said it only came with one..

Originally Posted by Kyter View Post
I'm not sure. I can check when I get home. I've only opened it once to glance at it. The install was all Rocco while I was at work.
Yeah let me know, tks

Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
Hey man, I think your drop looks grreat! Very similar to mine. I have the same dilemma as well, I want to put more aggressive spacers in the rear, but I'm about 2mm away from rubbing unless I raise the rear a bit and maybe throw in another bumpstop, my car's probably just a tiny bit lower than yours and right now no rubbing issues.

I don't think you'll notice any tangible difference in handling with the spacers unless your a track monster, just go for it. The cars new so I don't know if you wanna roll the fenders, but I most likely will end up getting mine rolled by a guy I know and throw in a 12mm spacer.
yeah I'm looking to add some spacers so I may raise it a bit. I like the agressive look of some of the old school muscle cars that have the back end up higher! Maybe 10's in the back and 8 in the front