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Originally Posted by MrSweet1991 View Post
Wow I seriously wasn't expecting such a good experience truth be told I suppose until you've had one you wouldn't really understand what your missing out on.. other than it's clearly great so, if I'm not mistaken the power increases alone from running without the DSC must be pretty amazing, I mean I've heard that does kick in quite often when cornering whereas your LSD is just putting down power all the time. And yeah the rain test will be amazing, I've had the back end out a few times going round an island with a little throttle increase and it can be pretty scary so it will be interesting to see how the LSD affects that. Well enjoy anyway and report back when you can
Yeah the difference between the DSC/DTC intervening and the LSD intervening, is that the electronics simply just cuts the power. Whereas the LSD transfers it across the axle, hence increased traction and you just power onwards. Also, the control aspect is brilliant - the car is so much more predictable when it begins to slide. Again, this is with the DSC/DTC fully off. There is no snapiness which you rightly mention can be scary. This I proved the other day when I had a bit of a play in the wet (in an empty, private area of course). I could let the rear step out by quite some angle and then control it with some opposite lock and feeling is just amazing!
I really do believe that straight line performance is much better. I wish I had timed acceleration times before and after installation.
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