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Shortie's BMW 320i M Sport Ownership Diary

Going to uses this first post as an editable index for quick reference so please bear with me.

Well Thursday 9th FEBRUARY 2012 i took a drive down to Derby to collect my new motor.... A Black BMW 320i M Sport (Auto) with 32k on the clock, SH, Bluetooth.

Now i know the 320i is not the most favoured engine on this forum thanks to its coil packs and injectors, but after 6 years of diesel ownership, for the miles i do, i just couldn’t justify the premium for the diesel equivalent. Also, when things go wrong on the diesel, they tend to be a more expensive fix. I know it will never be described as being fast but its adequate for my needs.


Post 18 @ 33338 miles Vehicle Dropped @ Dealer with intermittent misfire (coilpack replaced).
Post 41 @ 33783 miles New Brake discs and pads on all 4 corners.
Post 42 @ 34187 miles Oil & Filter Change - BMW OEM filter, Mobile ESP 1 5W30 Fully Synthetic Oil.
Post 49 @ 34291 miles VIPER Alarm / Immobiliser install and stage 1 OBD secured.
Post 51 @ 35011 miles Dash warning light on, Codes CC-ID 24 & CC-ID 35. (New ABS sensor, new DTC pump, New NO2 sensor all under warranty)
Post 60 @ 37249 miles Winter wheels arrived (OEM BMW style 285)
Post 64 @ 37515 miles Serviced by Park Valley; Oil & filter - Mobile ESP 1 5W30 Fully Synthetic Oil, Pollen filter, Air filter, Coolant Change, Brake fluid change (All OEM bmw parts).
Post 65 @ 37583 miles Air con system cleaned with Normfest.
Post 66 @ 37699 miles Winter tyres arrived (Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme - 225/45 R17 94V XL TL)
Post 67 @ 37843 miles Fitted new BOSCH Flat Wiper Blades

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