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Originally Posted by BEAR-AvHistory View Post
My dynos show pure stock with just a JB4 on old Map2 (93 octane) the car went from a factory 314whp to 365whp with no bolt-ons.

The new (released this week) 335IS specific Map 6, 93 octane or better required, has improved performance with higher boost across the board especially in the 2500/5000rpm range. Again with no bolt-ons. Donít know how much, not yet been dynoed, but there is a very noticeable seat of the pants improvement. Also my speed at a marked distance test area in Mexico has increased. I have an ETS 5Ē FMIC in shipping with the brown truck expected on the 10th.

I donít expect to get much additional power out of it but do expect hold what I have in the Carolina summer. This will be my only power mod outside the JB4 itself. The car was already quicker then a V8 M3 on the original JB4 Map so the new setup should be just about perfect for my requirements. The JB4ís with FBO/Meth are dominant at the 1/4 mile but my main interest is no longer at the track. Used to live within a few miles of Englishtown but am now far enough away from Rockingham that I will only be making an occasional trip.

For $505 with a laptop hookup the JB4 a very good package. For a no physical install system Cobb, also an excellent system, is the best choice. The killer app is a JB4 sitting on top of a Cobb flash.
is the new map 6 really only for 93 octane or better? where i live i only get 91 octane... so will this new map not work for me?
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