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Originally Posted by amgthis View Post
Your opinion on dabs? Yes no? How ripped do you get? Worth it?
Do it, but I dont fully trust it. never know what is really in the substance, same thing with hash... I only fuck with keif rocks because I can tell if its pure keif or cut with something else.

Originally Posted by upstatedoc View Post
wait, when and where is bimmerfest east? no weed questions for now...
August 25th, ripken stadium. google search bimmerfest east 2012

Originally Posted by NYAWE60 View Post
I'll definitely join your caravan. Any ideas when/where you'll be meeting?
i will PM you the info!

Originally Posted by JefryHorizon View Post
Opinions on Hash and Kief? Is usage of such substances in addition to your typical "bowl" create much of a difference for you? I've had various forms of feedback regarding this question from daily users. Just curious whats yours?
when using hash or keif i usually put it in a joint that i use a cigarette as a filter. when i want to get really ripped i put it in an incredibowl. I always pack it with some weed because i like having two types of smoke in my lungs at once. the hash smoke expands rapidly whereas the weed doesnt so its great to feel the two fighting eachother.

Originally Posted by IFX View Post
never smoked before in my life, but I did enjoy post 145. Very informative. Thanks OP.
my pleasure!

Originally Posted by BenőrTheBMW View Post
As a teenager did you smoke? If you did were you ever nervous about being caught by police or parents? Or being drug tested?
stayed under the radar from age 9-15. spot got blown up at 15, havent given a fuck since. I was always an examplary student(and still am), straight As, stayed out of trouble, dont drink/do drugs, etc etc. so even as everyone may frown upon it they cant tell me shit because i do what i have to do and with a great sense of excellence every time. i strive for excellence in everything i do.
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