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^ bullshit. i've had a rolex almost 10 years. been everywhere with it (including underwater). it still doesn't lose a second. has held up quite well, and is probably the only thing i actually owned that has increased in value (nearly double, new vs. what i paid for mine new). you can wear it with sweats/t-shirt, or a suit and everything in between.

wtf is panerai?
Sorry, but you clearly don't have any idea about watches then. I'm glad you have had good luck with your watch but it doesn't change the fact that they are renowned for being mediocre time pieces. They are one of the most well marketed brands in the world that is enormously valuable. For that reason, they hold their value better than most of it's competitors. They make beautiful watches that are highly sought after. I have all kinds of respect for the company for its success and am waiting to find the right one for myself, knowing that there are many other watches that keep better time.

Your lack of knowing who Panerai is demonstrates your limited watch knowledge.