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Originally Posted by immiketoo View Post
You are correct. That cat IS an assclown. That cop did a great job, and he didn't rise to the bait. He also knew his law, and I like how the kid was stammering at the end because his knowledge of the law was a thin veneer. The bottom line is that during that encounter, the officer did not need consent to verify the status of the firearm, and anyone who would deliberately walk around with a weapon like that shouldered in broad daylight has serious issues.

Good find Nate.
Videos of people like that upset me. One because I just hate that passive aggressive mentality, two because they possibly ruin it for everyone else. A politician is less likely to make things easier on gun control if people are running around doing stupid things like this.

I would love to carry, but most places dont allow it and like most others I don't want to deal with the issues of getting caught doing it illegally. This would be my choice of carry pistol if I had one. Guncrafter Industries Model 3. The .50GI copper hollow point round would take anyone down with one hit.