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Originally Posted by goalieman24 View Post
Everyone has?? Is that why only 4 teams(Baltimore twice) beat them this year? They don't give stats to a team because they thought they knew how to beat them. It's like saying, "the Jaguars should've been in the superbowl this year... they just didn't execute."
Every team in the NFL has enough talent to beat any team. The only problem is execution, if the offensive line can't make the right read on whose blitzing, if the quarterback can't figure out where the safety is, if a defensive back misses a tackle, etc. NFL teams are so evenly matched its all about chemistry and being able to go out there and run a play or series of plays effectively. Stats never give insight to how good or bad a team really is. The ravens beat the pats 2x this year, but they also lost 6 games against some crappy teams. It isn't because those teams have better players, it's because on that day they were able to execute on offense/defense enough to win the game.