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Originally Posted by Peahi View Post
One of the great ones!

Get some lifting shoes too.

Knees out!!
Yep, good book.
I find high top Chuck Taylors are good lifting shoes.

Originally Posted by Handozizle View Post
Make sure your knees are behind your toes when you go down. So it's like you're trying to sit on a chair. Lighten the weight and go down slow and controlled until you get the form down (no bouncing). Wear a belt and use a squat/step box if you have to.

Believe or not, you can get bigger legs by doing other stuff besides barbel squats. I have a bad lower back so i can't go too crazy with barbel squats. I've seen a lot of gains by doing leg press and hack squats to failure (with a spotter of course).
I'd say don't wear a belt or use a box etc.
Get the basic squat correct first, it is the single best exercise you can do.
Done properly you will strengthen your knees and back not hurt them.

Few basics
-Stand feet shoulder width apart angled out around 30 degrees. This can vary slightly depending on your physiology.
-the bar should travel in a straight line up and down roughly over the middle of your foot.
-Focus your eyes on one point on the ground in front of you, don't try and look up like a lot of people do. It should be a straight line from the top of your head to your tail bone.
-Parrallel is when the crease of your hip is in line with your knee.
-Start the drive back up with your hips/butt.
-Push your knees out as you drive back up.

Don't try and lift too heavy until you get it right. Video tape your self and get someone to critique it or compare to people who have the correct form.