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Originally Posted by idnan View Post
I found it very easy to damage the 12 sideshaft bolts due to the limited position of the rubber around the CV joint. If they come off fine, then I suppose they don't need changing but I prefer to be safe than sorry.

I presumed the torque specs were the same as the e92 non m3, most of the times the bolts are just longer on the m3.

I had to take my sideshaft and hubs to a shop where one person used a centre punch held in place with mole grips and the other a massive sledgehammer. My car had done 80k miles by then and they were stuck in pretty bad. I actually damaged my original sideshafts as I tried hitting them with just a hammer and the threaded portion deformed pretty bad.

My driveshaft flange was stuck in the diff when I bought it so I just used what was originally there. Which part number are you talking about in the pic?
Thank you for your help.

part number 15 some kind of gasket though I dont know even how it is possible to put it on. Because there is no gasket on mine m3 drive shaft.

BTW 135/335 side shaft bolts is M10 and M3 is M12 I know that torque on 335 is 70nm so maybe 80nm for M3 would be enough.