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335i diff vs M3 diff M3 rear axle frame

Juts would like to share all of you, that i am working on my 335i full rebuild
(engine, new twins, etc, etc, ...full M3 suspension swap).
Concerning the M3 suspension and diff, i have fitted all components from M3, including rear-axle frame as well. The mounting point of the 335i diff is the same as e9x M3 diff, therefore they are interchangebla, so you can fit the 335i dif to the M3 frame, which i did until I rebuild my diff's internal and swap an e46 M3 LSD into it (with 2.56 FD from 335i diff).

If i change my 335i open diff to an LSD, maybe DSC/DTC software should be changed to e92 coupe M3 version as well, who knows or has any experience
regarding that?

Also I am working on a hibrid half-shaft, which will be much-much stronger
than the factory one and can be joined to 335i diff house.
(I am located at Europe,therefore the cost of a DSS half-shaft will be much more, than pur half-shaft, which will almost have the same HP/NM rating).