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Originally Posted by import36 View Post
i paid about the same as you were quoted... a little bit more cuz i got the painted reflectors too.
Originally Posted by hun77777 View Post
He quoted me $490 for painted one.
That's my issue there. One guy lives in Virginia, the other in Washington. Shipping for the oversized lip won't be cheap, however it costs only a couple of bucks more to the person far away opposed to a local pickup. If I could get the lip myself for around $300 unpainted from the dealership (like Tischer's price, but they're not local) then I could get it painted myself from a shop I've gone to in the past (who will do a non-metallic job for $80, and he'll do it right with DuPont 1:1 paint & clear).

I mean it's one thing to make a couple hundred on something with paint and what not, I wouldn't argue with somebody about that and would still consider buying from them. But giving the same same price as somebody who lives across the country where shipping costs would become a big factor? I don't get it.