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Originally Posted by Remonster View Post
I believe it, but the car will tell you when it needs a quart added. I'm more pissed off that BMW stopped including these extra quarts of oil in its free maintenance plan. All three of my modern BMWs have needed a few quarts added here and there, when I had a 2007 328i these quarts were always free but a few years ago my dealer told me I would have to pay for them. A quart is only like $6 so I don't really care, but I know more than a couple people who refuse to pay and I wonder if the people with blown S85/S65 motors due to spun bearings were letting their oil levels get a little low. A benefit of this shorter oil change interval is less chance for the average driver's motor to burn off enough oil for it to become a problem.

This isn't really related but it looks like they recommend changing spark plugs every 60k miles for all cars, it seems like everyone agrees that a tuned motor running extra boost needs its spark plugs replaced sooner (maybe 30-40k) so shouldn't the 335is have a shorter spark plug change interval? It's running literally twice as much boost as a regular N54 (14.5psi vs 7)
The rod bearing excessive wear and pre-mature failure is not a reflection of low oil levels. The systemic issue is performance objectives in contradiction with engineering, parts longevity and vehicles undergoing a variety of driving conditions (on the street).

Back on Topic, I am glad they made an update, now I can change at 5k and they can change at 5k (with the worthless oil put in the diesel).
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