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Originally Posted by HyperM3 View Post
I wouldnt go that far as to say its bull poo, but I also did say my issue was probably a coincidence. Though, like I said, I dont need to add insult to injury by giving my car any other ways to crap on itself. I think the car sounds just fine stock. If I really wanted to hear the vroom vroom Ill pony up the cash for a legit exhaust.
You Said "Vroom Vroom"...

I am certainly NOT going to say that the unplugging of the actuator is harmless, I dunno. But for the life of me I cannot imagine how a little flapper valve is going to either:

A: Get the cats hot faster.
B: Significantly increase back pressure, more importantly I mean how would an increase in back pressure heat a Cat Faster?

Regardless, it's important to note that we are tinkering with OEM stuff and while it seems harmless it could have some unknown effects.
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