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Originally Posted by IRL-MN View Post
Hey Anvar, was there a knowledgeable person at Motorwerks you talked to when researching Dinan a few weeks back?
I've checked into this a fair bit and I will give you the facts and my impression.

The person at Motorwerks to talk to is Frank Jersche and he handles the relationship with Dinan. When I first spoke to him about the Dinan 2 it was about 3 months ago and a little after I bought my car. I also tried to engage him in a discussion about the performance power kit.

First, he didn't know that the performance power kit even existed. This led me to question his general knowledge around performance, etc. He was also unable to engage in too much of a technical discussion regarding the Dinan 2 tune.

My second discussion with MW regarding Dinan was with another parts advisor who didn't know too much about Dinan. However, according to him, MW ships out the DME to Dinan and it takes a couple days for Dinan to flash it and get it back. This also put me off Dinan, because it entails downtime, which would be inconvenient if BMW erased the Dinan 2 during a routine software update. This was also my discussion where I didn't get a very confident response as to whether MW will continue to be a dinan dealer.

My final discussion with Frank was regarding the costs for the performance power kit and the Dinan 2. He said that it would be $2400 to flash my car and $2700 installed for the performance power kit. He mentioned that they may offer discounts on their Dinan flashes in the spring. I did not inquire into MW's future as a Dinan dealer.

I hope this helps Gary! Please keep me posted if you decide to go the Dinan route.