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Originally Posted by curamie View Post
I purchased my cobb ap for 800 and this is the best price i could get out of them and I was in local and willing to pick it up.

now I saw a lot of people who aren't in local and got it for mid 700

Thank you very much for gilbert and alan.

I highly doubt this isnt good for local member..I wouldnt recommend them at all..
I do understand that everyone is out there to get a good deal and that's totally fine. You mentioned that E92-Lighting gave you price of $800 and we did price offer you a price match. Sales tax is unavoidable and that's something that is out of my hands. If you've gotten a quote that's lower from another vendor, feel free to send it to me in an email or PM and I'd be able to honor yet another price match to help you out. I can always issue you a store credit for the difference so that you can use it on a future purchase.

Originally Posted by aw335can View Post
I was quoted $620. Damn should have taken it...
Originally Posted by curamie View Post this is harder to believe. people watch out for the pricing. you can pick your cobb ap for 620
I highly doubt that any vendors would have quoted $620 for a COBB AP for a BMW. If they have, feel free to drop me a PM or email me with the quote given and I'd be more than happy to address it privately with you.

Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
I understand your frustration, but if you dont like the price, then dont buy it.

Don't make a thread about a company and call them "bs" because they wouldn't cut you a deal because you are local!

Have you purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of modifications from them that would entitle you to a discount of some sort? If so then I see your complaint, if not then you are a nobody to them and they do not owe you anything but msrp as far as that concerned.

Originally Posted by curamie View Post
I see where you getting at, but the whole system of " pm for pricing" is just a unfair system for customers. They could always post a set price for local pick up and shipped price. I know its just way for them to make more profits but it still doesn't look good to me. And this is the place where I share my feeling/comments toward vendors. I am posting this topic to another forums as well for people to know real price for cobb ap.
Again, we do do our best to offer the lowest prices to our customers. As a direct authorized dealer, we do have to follow the rules. The real price for the COBB AP is $895 MSRP. We did do you a favor by honoring a price match for you in the first place and are still willing to work with you.

Originally Posted by tres View Post
I know sometimes you end up paying more because of state taxes. Out of state buyers get a break on taxes.
^ +1

Originally Posted by tres View Post
wow thats messed up I've been seeing alot of complaints about mobargins lately.
The thing about complaints is that everyone jumps on the bandwagon. To be fair, I think we do deal with quite a bit more customers than most as well. Here is an example of some of the positive threads from this past week alone:

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