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So here is the problem as I see it:

Premium performance cars are getting into stratospheric levels of power and torque. These numbers in street cars were unheard of not too long ago. The limits of RWD traction are simply inadequate. Thank God for the modern stability programs that allow this kind of power to put into street driven vehicles available to the general public.

I still contend that these power levels really need AWD to be safely driven on the street, if you still want the ability to have fun, and not drive on eggshells all the time.

However, AWD hinders steering feel and responsiveness. Some cars do it better than others, but it is less than optimal in the subjective handling department.

It seems that we are really past the limits of what can be done in a real transport street going vehicle to optimize all performance parameters and still have real useable power. Two seater mid-engined exotics are a different story entirely.

So, as far as high-end real transport vehicles are concerned, it looks like we are at the point where one must choose: Better straight line thrust capability, or better handling sharpness. You can't have both.
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