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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
Ya I was just trolling the cowl a bit because it's an obnoxious giant piece of plastic, but in all seriousness I've run without it for the better part of a year now with zero issues. The car has sat in torrential multi-day rain, it's been snowed on, washed, etc etc. A bit of water gets on the dme box cover (the black cover, not the actual dme cover), but for the most part it still drains just fine. I believe Terry has been running sans cowl since the day he got his E82, i'm really not too worried about it. I got tired of removing the cowl every time I had to work in the engine bay, so I just ditched it
Unless you have a compelling reason, I would recommend running with it. It is a big plasticy POS, but it will keep moisture away from places it shouln't be, like the DME box.