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Originally Posted by eric@helix View Post
Unless you have a compelling reason, I would recommend running with it. It is a big plasticy POS, but it will keep moisture away from places it shouln't be, like the DME box.
I understand that concern, and at first it was in the back of my mind, but hear me out on this (and if I'm full of it, let me know). The DME, or any piece of electronics that need to be watertight, have to be 100% water tight. Doesn't matter whether there is a tiny tiny crack, or a giant hole, if moisture can seep in at all the electronics will become compromised. On a very rainy or foggy day when there's tons of moisture in the air, that piece of plastic hanging a few inches above isn't going to protect the DME seal from moisture, the air is too dense with it. The cowl would protect it from a stream of water, but again if the DME box is at all compromised it won't take a stream of water, any moisture in the air will find itself inside the electronics. I don't know if that makes any sense, but there's my logic.
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