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Originally Posted by PIMPIN THE E92 View Post
OK so before you flame me, I know this is is the wrong forum but I wanted people to see it.
Recently, I ordered the custom shift and e-brake boot on **********s website. It said it was a DIRECT OEM REPLACEMENT. I dont know what you take this as, but i took it to mean that i can swap this out for my oem boots . Well it wasnt a direct oem replacement. Turns out, i would have to cut into my existing shift boot and use the oem part that connects it to the car. I had a sale pending for my oem shift boot that i had to cancel as a result of this (sorry DSe93). Anyways...I called **********s to see if they just didnt send out the piece and they said there was no other piece and maybe i should cut into my oem one or take it to a shop to get it installed. I thought i was speaking english but the guy did not understand what direct oem replacement meant. He said he would call me back with instructions but never did...he never called back every time i asked him to or he said he would...I always had to call him after a week. Then when he finally realized that all i wanted to do was return them, he tried to charge me a 10% restocking fee . After another week of calls and arguing he told me that he had to contact the supplier and would call me back when he knew more either way. ONce again, no call. I called him and he said "um maybe you should just send them to us and we'll return them." WOW what was I trying to tell him the whole time . I thought everything was working out then I called to see if the got the boots and they had. He had refunded me but charged me some 'return fee'. Granted the fee was like 3.00 but its the principle. You already have a customer that is very unhappy and then you are going to try and make 3.00 off a return fee? 3 F****** dollars are you kidding me. I talked to the manager and he said "I'm sorry the fee will be returned. Is there anything I can do." I dont know but he was very short and I give to **********s.
I apologize that you had a negative experience with us. Please understand that our customer service representatives are constantly handling multiple customers at once, and they do their best in responding at the quickest possible time.

Thank you for sharing your experience with me, so that we can improve ourselves--this is the point of the feedback section. The reason why the customer service representative was unable to get back to you was because our distributor was not responding to our e-mails, with the exception of the installation question, which we did provide that information to you with.

Of course, it is our job to follow up with you and let you know what is going on exactly with the status of your order/question, and I give you my sincerest apologies. I checked my system as far back as mid-June...have you sent me a PM about your order? I don't have any messages from you about them.

I'm not the one to ignore anyone's PMs or e-mails--although it may take me some time to respond again, I do try my best personally to respond back to any messages as soon as possible.

Although you did get your return and you did receive the credit back, all I can really tell you is what Mike has told you. So please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Any questions/concerns about our products, order status, or inquiries, please let me know if you're not getting the response as fast as you should. I do hope that you give us a second chance to show you that the customer is top priority, and we do do our best to provide the best customer service for the BMW community.


By the way, we did fix the listing so that people know that this is not OEM direct replacement, although it did not say that. It said OE fitment, but I do agree that it may take someone off track, which is why we took that part off. Any questions about these shiftboots, please contact me and I will tell you exactly what you need to know. Thank you