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So last Thursday I had left work early because we were all going to fly to Atlantic City for my friend's bachelor party for the weekend. I was at an intersection to turn into my apartment, just waiting to turn left at the light. As I was sitting there, I saw a couple ride by my car; thought nothing about they were approaching the light, a 05 Suburban takes a left coming the opposite way. The couple on the motorcycle (Harley) collided on the side of the SUV. I did not see the impact because cars were blocking, but I heard the collision.
All of us that witnessed the accident got out of the car and saw the couple laying both with their helmets off on the ground. They were both motionless; the man had his eyes rolled back of his head, his head was crushed/dented, legs twisted, and bleeding bad from his head. The lady gained consiousness, started crying, but could not move her body. An off-duty paramedic came to the scene and started giving cpr to the man..but it was too late.
I left the scene while the cops came because we had a flight to catch. I looked at the phone later, the man was pronounced dead on the scene, as the lady was sent to the hospital and remains in critical condition.
24 years old, and that was the first time I've seen a man die..that picture will remain in my memory forever. So remember guys, please watch out for riders and be careful. I sold my motorcycle last year, and now I'm really reconsidering ever buying one again. Just seeing the man and his old lady riding, and one second later their whole lives changed. He was an off-duty cop. RIP Sgt. Hudgens, prayers goes out to his friends and family.