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Hater? you're damn right I hate what this guy is doing to this country.

Uhhh -- you may think you answered the question about how the picture is deemed "racist" but you haven't. Like I said earlier - in that liberal cesspool mind you will deem anything negative of BHO as racist. It's what you and your ilk do. IF we said we didn't like the color of Barry's tie, it would be racist to you.

The partially black "shit" is precisely what he is --- partially black. Black father, white mother. What part of that don't you understand?

We aren't recovering from anything and we wont as long as BHO resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. For Christsake, his own base is leaving him in droves. Do you not read a newspaper or watch the news. Not to mention the independents who have tremendous "buyers remorse".

Some are fine - the other killed by the Repubs? WTF.....this guy had the Presidency, House and Senate for two years and did JACK SHIT with it.

The same healthcare reform that has this country in the pickle it's in from a "job's creation" picture and the same one that will either get shot down in the Supreme Court or repealed by the next administration. Yeah, great move Barry This reform alone puts a $3K+/per new employee burden on an employer that employs 50+ people. That is FACT.

Reversed many Bush policies? such as? mean the same Bush policies PUT IN PLACE that enabled the capture of OBL?

You really like the word hater. How old are you? 18-20 would be my guess. Nice retort to Barry's leadership skills. Kinda what I suspected as the guy has none to defend. He's never run anything in his life...not even said lemonade stand.

Obama doing better than Reagan? ...............please tell me what it is that you're smoking. Jesus Christ, are you fcuking kidding me? This clown could not fill Ronald Reagan's water glass...............Uh oh, was the racist?