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Originally Posted by marvel.marv View Post
Hey Three_thirty_I,

I'm having the exact same temperature problem as you do on the other side of the globe (funny time we live in, right?).

Do you have any developments since July?


Here's my similar topic on bimmerfest (hope posting this is not against the rules, if so I'll remove it):
Hi there,

Well, it's at least encouraging to know that I am not the only one battling with this. And no, sadly no further progress made in solving this. And reading your posts on the other side, you even replaced the coolant pump, this was the last part of the equation that I was considering as being a possible problem.

In summary, I have done the following since I was aware of this issue. First I replaced both temperature sensors (which rarely fail but were fairly cheap to replace), as well as give the engine fresh OEM coolant with distilled water. After that made no change, but a year or so later, I decided to replace the thermostat with new OEM part, so again fresh coolant mix. And again, no real change. I then took the car to an ECU specialist and they swapped out my ECU for another unit and reprogrammed, and even that didn't make a difference. So really not sure what more to do...

My fuel consumption isn't great, but it's not that bad in reality.
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