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Originally Posted by Magic Man View Post
RELAX! I've had this happen on my 2007 335i and "limp mode" just makes the car less peppy (sorta like your Saturn, Blazer or Honda). You can easily keep it at highway speeds and accellerate reasonably.
WTF do so many people assume that all failures cause the same effect ????? Get it through your heads, it happened to me, pump failed, car ran on 3 cycinders (misfiring on 4,5,6) dumping fuel out one tailpipe due to the misfires, and it was all i could do to go 30mph .... Meanwhile smoking like hell due to the fuel in the exhaust....

I wish everyone posting that you don't lose that much power would shut up.... SOME times you won't lose power, but SOMETIMES YOU LOOSE A LOT OF POWER !!!!!

People who post like above are as bad as BMW, pretending like it's not a problem.....