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Originally Posted by lawgone View Post
What are eluding to...fuel? I've heard the argument about the ethanol levels. I also wonder if there are people not using premium fuel and what effect that would have.
I'm not alluding to fuel at all - pumps fail all over the world and while many will ask "why do we hear so many in the US/NA," a simple look at this forum's membership explains this - an e90post survey reported something to the effect of 82% of membership in the US, with another 8 or 9% in Canada. So it is completely consistent that we hear about more North American pumps failing.

IF this somehow turns out to be fuel related, whether it's just another smokescreen or an actual contributor, does not somehow get BMW off the hook for anything. They know exactly where they sell cars and have been doing so for decades - it is up to the manufacturer to produce a product that lives up the customer's satisfaction within the market they bought the product in. It's not like we're all importing these grey market from Europe - these are cars certified North America, and should work as well here as anywhere else.

The only thing related to fuel one might reasonable hold is that we have gasoline DI, not diesel DI. Diesel DI has been used for years and quite reliably. Many, but not all, manufacturers of gasoline DI engines have experienced problems with the fuel system, but none to the extent with these fuel pumps.